These Kittens are sold,
but we have other nice
show quality black, tortie and blue cream smoke kitties
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Kikilandís Footloose  (blue-smoke male)
Kikilandís Mabyelline (tortie-smoke female)

* 2/14/14

Sire: GC, RW Kikiland's Redneck
Dam: GC Blackice Madeline

* 01/18/2014

Sire: GC, RW Kikiland's Redneck
Kikilandís Lunatique

Kikilandís Mohawk - cream-smoke male

2 weeks old

Kikilandís ShoNuff - blue-cream-smoke female

2 weeks old

Kikilandís Half Moon - tortie-smoke female 

Kikilandīs Lucky Sryke 
black-smoke male 
* 02/16/2013

kittens in tortie, black-smoke and in red-smoke 
 *6th February 2013

Sire: GC Jovan Stryker of Kikiland
Dam: Kikilandís Lunatique

Kikiland Spotalune - tortie female
2 weeks old

Kikiland Star Struck - tortie female
2 weeks old

Kikiland Firestryker - red-smoke male
2 weeks old

Kikilandīs Jet Stream  ** staying **
blue-smoke-white male - * 10/04/2011

Sire: GC, RW Kikiland's Runway Light
Dam: Sniftakis My Lil Secret of Kikiland

Kikilandīs Moonwalker 
black-smoke male    ** staying ** 
* 04/24/2012

Sire: GC Kikiland's Radar
Dam: Kikilandís Lunatique

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